Monday, March 13, 2017

To The Person I Should Give Up On

Okay, I don't really know how this is going to go. I am feeling about 103 different emotions right now. Here we go.

Dear You,

It must be really hard for you to have someone who is constantly there for you. It must be really hard to have someone who is always making excuses for you. No. Matter. What. It must be really hard to have someone who cares about you more than they care about themselves. You walk around with an ego way higher than it should be, hurting anyone in your path and destroying everything good. Meanwhile, you don't even bother to look back at the person running behind you, who is trying to save you from doing just that. We all make mistakes, but you would think after making the first mistake once, you wouldn't do it again? Boy, I was wrong. Why didn't you just listen? I ask myself this every single day. The sad thing is, the situation isn't just about you anymore. But you continue to make it only about you and your feelings. Selfish. I tell myself to give up, but how can I give up on you? I wish you would stop walking on everyone who tries to help you and stop making rash decisions based on your temporary feelings. Man, I sound like a broken record. I don't want to tell you, I told you so, again. I want you to open your eyes and change the direction of your life, but you won't, will you? I'll never give up on you. I'll never stop trying to talk to you, or as you call it, bitching at you.

To the people in your life who are trying to drag you down their destructive lifestyle with them, you are temporary, family is forever.

The Person Who Will Never Give Up On You

Monday, February 13, 2017

I Ruined My Own Proposal | Storytime

Okkkkkkay, Hi! I know I have been MIA but instead of making up a zillion excuses of why I haven't been updating my blog, I thought I would bring you a story time post of how Hesten proposed as our anniversary is coming up on Friday! It's pretty funny and cute though. Enjoy lovelies. <3

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and some time in our relationship. Hesten and I needed to be apart to know that we were in fact meant to be together and wanted to be... forever.
A couple months after Hesten and I got back together, one of his close friends invited us to go to a baseball game with his girlfriend at the time. It was a lot of fun, we went back to their house and Hesten had a few too many so I had to drive. We went back to his apartment so he could get a few more things because he was in the process of moving back in with me. While he was inside, I was sitting in the driver's seat and happened to look down and see a very beautiful red ring box in the door.


What do I do? Pretend I didn't see it? No.. I opened the box and screamed, I was so happy. I ran inside and told Hesten I found it and I loved it and that I couldn't wait to say yes! I told him to go through with his original plan and I promised to act surprised. He didn't really say much as I'm sure he was trying to figure out what he was going to do. haha.


Because he is honest to God my best friend and there is NOTHING I don't tell him, and I knew I could never keep this from him.

We get back to our apartment, and I hop in the shower. The shower is where I do most of my thinking so of course I was dreaming of this big beautiful proposal and imagining how our wedding day would be. My oldest sister, Missy, had actually been assisting him with the proposal planning. I hop out of the shower and I had a text from my sister and it said something like "OMG. HURRY UP AND OPEN YOUR DOOR!" so I thought that meant she came over unexpectedly. So I dry off, wrap a towel around me, and fling the door open to run and get dressed.

There he was. On one knee. He smiled and say "I love you very much. Will you marry me?"

He proposed me that night, in our apartment, with me fresh out of the shower in a towel.

It could not have been more perfect because it represented our relationship so much... not going as planned but always going as it was meant to.


 He was going to propose in front of my whole family when my Grandma came to visit from California. He knows how much my family means to me.

I love love love this ring, Simple and elegant.

A few days ago, he surprised me with this beauty, my new wedding set.

Happy TWO YEARS Hesten! I love you! <3

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Never Thought I Would Live In This America

   Oh hi, I never wanted to bring my opinions on Religion and Politics to my blog. I hate the idea of creating any sort of confrontation on something that I'm working hard to build. But in light of what happened this past week, it's what I feel inspired to write about. I didn't write this to change your mind, so feel free to be completely honest in the comments.

Chicago teens beat man while screaming "don't vote for Trump." 
I never thought I would live in this Country and see the things that I have seen. I never knew America was filled with such hate and violence. It feels like we have taken 50 years of progress and threw it in the trash can, and believe me, it is not because Donald Trump was elected President. If you think that who lives in the White House makes this Country great, well, I'm sorry to tell you this but you are wrong. He may have a big part of it but it's the people that make it great. It's the hard work of the American people that make this country great. It sickens me to know that people feel that it is their right to walk down the street and break windows of hundreds of vehicles, set business' on fire, and pull an elderly man out of his vehicle, rob him, and beat him. You know what is even scarier? People are defending it by saying oh it's "their right to protest." Since when did a protest involve all of that? What is the point? Because you didn't get your way? Maybe I was raised differently but I think that is called "throwing a fit." Except America's "fit" is extremely dangerous and violent.

I never thought I would live in this Country and be afraid to say that I am a Christian. Everyone has a right to believe and practice whatever religion they'd like to, thanks to Freedom of Religion, but as a Christian I feel like I have to keep my religion hush hush because I might offend someone. I've seen comments from people on social media comparing Christians to ISIS because everyone thinks that us expressing our love for our faith is us shoving our religion down their throats. I accept whatever you believe in, we can be friends, but don't force your opinions on my religion on me and expect me to sit and listen and not say anything. I definitely think our Government needs God more than ever because in case you have forgotten, this Country was built around the word of God. I am a Christian and I am proud of that. Out of all the countries in the world, I never thought I would live in the U.S. and have to think twice before I said that.

Police Officers who were murdered during a protest in Dallas, Texas.
I never thought I would live in this Country and fear for the life of our police force. I understand that their job has always been dangerous as their job is to deal with the most awful humans that walk among us. But numbers don't lie and the number of police officer's that were murdered this year is up by 44% than last year. 44%!!! I can't tell you why that is. All I can say is this Country is more dangerous than ever and sadly it is coming from people who live in it. I don't understand why you would want to kill those who protect and serve you? I am not ignorant, I know they have bad apples in law enforcement but that doesn't mean it's okay to kill any of them. I don't know about you but I like having the option to call someone with a gun to come save me if a crook breaks into my house. I would hate to live in this world for one day without our police force. So thank you to all the men and women who protect and serve.

I never thought I would live in this Country and have to fight for my constitutional rights. I believe everyone should own a gun. I promise you, just because you own a gun does not mean that one day you'll just wake up and decide to shoot up a movie theater. And if you do decide to do that, your gun is not the problem, your mental illness is the problem. Like I said in the last paragraph, I like the fact that I can call a person with a gun to save me in a horrible situation but I also like the fact that I don't have to wait for him to show up if my life was in danger.

I never thought I would live in this Country and see people divide this Country more than ever. What happened to Love thy neighbor? Oh right, I shouldn't bring up the bible. Or maybe that is the issue? We are all dividing into two sides because we refuse to listen to what the other person has to say. We post our opinions on Facebook for the world to see but delete any comments from those who don't agree with us. You are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to shut mine out. If we continue to divide and not unite, we don't have to worry about anyone coming in and destroying our country, we are on the path to do that ourselves. Or is it going to take another 9/11 to unite us again?

I never thought I would live in this America...

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello November | I Have Nothing For You

I've been blogging for a little over three months now and I haven't had a more difficult time of putting a post together than this one. Hence why it's "Monday Night with Megan" this week. I know I am suppose to update you on my life at the beginning of each month but I really don't have much going on to be honest. Okay, I lie. I have a lot going on, just not the things I want to discuss in finer details. I keep looking for things to write about in my house, on social media, and in my head but I have nothing. I don't want to write a post just because it's Monday and I feel like I have to, I want to write because I am feeling inspired and I have something to share with the world, which is why I started this blog in the first first. So instead of trying to force a blog post on you, I thought I would do the 50 random facts about me tag. Thank you for reading my pity post and I challenge everyone to do this tag as well! You might learn something about yourself.

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I never attended college, never plan to.
2. I met my husband on Facebook.
3. I prefer Apple over Android.
4. I have two fur babies, Chewy and Bear.
5. I have more siblings than actual friends.
6. I've only bought two vehicles my entire life.
7. I work in the Car Business, Internet Sales, going on 4 years.
8. I attended over 10 schools growing up.
9. I have never been to an airport or on an airplane.
10. I have only visited 10 states in the United States.
11. The quote I live by is "everything happens for a reason."
12. My eyes are hazel.
13. I love to swim, if I could live in water I would.
14. I've never lived in a two story house.
15. I asked my husband out on our first day.
16. I have no issues with tattoos, I just don't have one myself.
17. I always fall asleep within 5 minutes of laying my head on my pillow.
18. I don't talk to single person from High School.
19. I love to read, currently reading The Girl on the Train.
20. I am left handed.
21. I love someone I never met , miscarriages suck.
22. My favorite food is Mexican food.
23. I hate repeating myself.
24. I suffer from social anxiety, mainly when I am around people I don't know well.
25. I hate when people call me Meg.
26. I am terrible at making plans.
27. When I was little, I thought once I got older, I could change my name.
28. My husband started a vacation planning business, with a twist, your vacation is a complete surprise.
29. My favorite song is, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.
30. I hate writing with a pencil.
31. I love bubble baths.
32. I hate blow drying my hair, it is such a pain!
33. I paint my own nails, I have only had my nails professionally done twice in my entire life.
34. I hate hate hate math!
35. I love taking pictures of people. (not in a creepy way. lol)
36. My favorite TV show is 7th Heaven, Eric and Annie are relationship goals. <3
37. I am addicted to the app/game, Temple Run.
38. I got married on the beach.
39. I don't have a favorite superhero.
40. I am afraid of heights.
41. I am an Aries.
42. I am very very very shy.
43. I love board games.
44. I work well under pressure.
45. I overthink everything.
46. My favorite blogger is
47. I crave milk by itself almost every night.
48. I sleep with at least 3 blankets at night.
49. I have two cats, Booboo and Pickles.
50. I always make my husband's birthday cakes, I never buy them. Our first family tradition. :)

There you have it, 50 random facts about me. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!

Sorry for not putting as much effort as I usually do in my posts, I just couldn't find the inspiration this week.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why I Never Babysit My Niece and Nephew

Being an Aunt is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I have a 12-year-old niece, Brooklynn, and an 8-year-old nephew, Boston, whom I love to pieces. I never thought kids who weren't mine, would make such an impact on my life. I might be the only 23-year-old who gets so excited when my weekend plans go from relaxing at home to getting a text from my niece that asks "Can we (her and my nephew) spend the night this weekend?" I usually respond with "Absolutely! I'll grab the cookies to bake and the craft supplies and I'll be right over to pick you guys up!" I love that they only live 2 minutes from my house! My brother-in-law works out of town majority of the year so that leaves my sister at home alone with the kids, so I know she won't mind an opportunity to unwind and relax!

We always have a blast when they come over. We do crafts, make pigs in a blanket, bake cookies, and play goldfish. I tease Brooklynn about boys and Boston and I end up falling asleep to the Little Rascals on the T.V. They also really enjoy picking on their Uncle Hesten while they are over too! I wouldn't trade our weekends together for the world! My favorite memories from my childhood come from weekends at my Aunt Shelly's house so I knew I would create the same memories for my nieces and nephews! I know how much it meant to my Mom that my Aunt always went out of her way to be a part of our lives! I know a few Moms and Dads out there would like it if more people made the effort to make their kids a priority in their lives, but I won't go into that. Just know that it takes a village to raise a child and just because you aren't their parent, doesn't mean they don't need you around.

You see, I see people constantly posting on social media "babysitting my niece this weekend!" When I hear the word "babysitter" I think of a 15-year-old girl trying to make extra cash for the weekend, not someone's family member. I'll never babysit my niece and nephew! I'll spend time with them, I'll make memories with them, and they will always have a place in my home! I may not have given birth to them but they are my family, my brats, and a big part of my life. I wrote this post because I have another nephew on the way, and when I got the news I was reminded of how much I love being an Aunt, it is the best! So choose your words wisely Aunts and Uncles, you're not their babysitter, you're their crazy Aunt and goofy Uncle!

I know this is a short post but I hope I got my point across? :D

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N

P.S. Do you like the new blog name? I only post on Mondays and I really couldn't stand my original name "Mrs. Megan Leigh" anymore. I thought I would simplify it! <3

Sunday, October 23, 2016

15 Creative Halloween Costumes

Hello, Lovelies!

 My husband and I have been debating on what we should be for Halloween this year. I knew I wanted to do a Halloween post so I thought since I am already searching for costumes, I should put a list together for you all on the most creative costumes that I find! ENJOY!

Stay away from clowns ;)

Happy Halloween!

1. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Obviously, you can create a presidential campaign costume that represents who you are voting for but this is the funniest one I have came across so far. You can find all the items you need to make this costume at your local department store.

2. Life Alert

3. Paula Dean + Butter

4. icloud!
Perfect for those who want to show off pictures
of their kids or their awesome selfies.

5. 50's housewife is pregnant with the Milk Man's baby

6. Shark Week

7. S'mores

8. Beanie Babies

9. One Night Stand

10. Now that's Flo!

11. Planters' Mr. Peanut

12. Ramen Noodles

13. "Cereal Killer"

14. Microsoft Paperclip
(If she doesn't understand this, she is too young for you bro.)

15. Have you seen her dog?

What are you going to be this year? Can you guess which one we picked? It is on this list!

Simply click on the photos to see where I found these awesome ideas!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Take On The Intimidating Opportunity

There will be a time in your life when an opportunity is put into your hands. You may ask yourself, "Am I ready for this?" You may even find an excuse to not to, "but I have this and this going on! I can't do this right now."

 Why not ask yourself this: "why not?"

An intimidating opportunity has been placed in my hands and when I was asked the question, "So do you think you can handle that?" I wanted to scream, "WHAT HELL ARE YOU THINKING? I AM ONLY 23 YEARS OLD! I CAN'T DO THIS. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS. I AM TRYING TO HAVE A BABY AND I WAS VERY CONTENT WITH MY LIFE AND HERE YOU ARE, THROWING A BIG CURVE BALL MY WAY!" But instead of saying that, I took a deep breath and 2.3 more seconds to think about it and simply came back and said "Yes." Because if you don't try, you'll never know. Life is too short to be stuck in the same place forever.

Think about all of the people who changed the world by taking on very scary and intimidating opportunities.. Rosa Parks, Miep Gies, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King JR, etc., The world would be so different without these brave people who took on very difficult challenges. Will my opportunity change the whole world? Probably not, but it will change my world and we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

You have to stop being so scared of the "what ifs" in life and make things happen the way you want them to happen. Don't compare yourself to others and how they would do it, don't let people with big egos intimidate you, and find your swag and roll with it. Most importantly, ignore those who doubt you, because trust me, someone is doubting you. Show them how wrong they are. Take that leap of faith, keep your fingers crossed, and never look back.

So here I go. Taking on a new role, learning the things I've always been scared of messing up, and growing a bit of a backbone.