Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hello August!

Can I get a yay for my first blog post?

Monday August 1st - Sunday August 7th

I don't know if others will agree, but I feel like the first week of a new month in the car business draaaggggs by. Maybe its because I am worn out from trying to finish July strong or because I am anxiously waiting to see how much my bonus check is after taxes? lol 

#cubiclelife #workworkwork

75% of my time is spent at the dealership, but I actually had a few exciting things happen this week...

LIKE... Hesten and I hit our 5 year dating anniversary <3

I forced him to take me to dinner... Applebees, yeah I am a cheap date. 
No, I just honestly think they have the best steak.......... #foodie

He made me this at dinner.. It is a.... cross....knot.... thing.... IDK. lol. #dork
He also couldn't stop laughing because our WAITRESS introduced herself as our WAITER...

This reminds of an....
----One day my little brother walked into the living room from going out to dinner with his friends and he said "man, you should have seen our waiter at Golden Corral, so hot!" 
He had no idea why we were laughing. haha!!!----

Happy 5 years babe, I love you!!!


Our Cat, Booboo, had the cutest kittens a few weeks ago and she finally let them out of hiding!!
Who wants to adopt a kitten? 

I know that this might come as a shock but I just taught myself how to make a strawberry banana smoothie this week... I had no idea how easy it was!!



Because I decided I wanted to start a blog, that also meant I wanted to redo the office so I had a place to write and work on it. We have an extra room and it has mainly just been an extra room for all of our random crap for the past 6 months...

So the first thing I wanted to buy was a dry erase board to hang on the wall....

I started at staples.... $100 for a freaking white board?????

Next.... Hobby Lobby.... they didn't carry large enough boards.....

Craigslist never fails me... $15 for two boards that I would have spent $100 on each at staples...

Now to get the rest of the room complete.....hmmm...


We took full advantage of our Sunday to do.... NOTHING. 
#lazySunday #thatsokay

Why do I like hashtags so much? I don't know... I just do..

Happy 19th Birthday to Makinley, my sister in law!

&& sometimes you need Whataburger at midnight!


I hope y'all had an awesome week! I am sorry if my first blog post was too boring, allow me sometime to get use to weekly life updates?? 

I would really really really really like to eventually delete my Facebook but I don't know if that would be possible anytime soon... in today's world you like need Facebook to know anything... But I do know that you will hear more from me here on my blog than my Facebook Page.


  1. You had an interesting week! Those kittens are so cute! You should check my blog for more smoothie recipes :D

  2. Congratulations on five years and your lazy Sunday look about as good as it gets. Too cute!