Monday, September 19, 2016

5 Ways To Be A Great Friend During Her Breakup

There is a good chance you are reading this post and one of your dear friends is heartbroken. She may  be playing it off like she is fine or she might be going Elle Woods before Harvard on you. Either way, you need to be there for her, that is what friends are for. There is no cure for a broken heart so here are 5 ways to be a great friend while she is going through a breakup that will help you help her ease the pain.

Source; Unwanted Experience. ;)

 Call her every night and really listen to her.

Right now, your friend could be standing in a room full of friends and family who love her but she would feel more alone than ever. Her comfort zone is gone, the person she told everything to, gone. Her nights consists of "meals for one" and watching Gilmore Girls reruns. The best thing you can do for her is to call her every night if you can. People tend to feel more alone at night as that's when she has nothing to distract her mind from wandering to painful memories. If she wants to do most of the talking and ramble on for a three-hour rant, let her. Just listen, I mean really listen to her. She will love you for this and you might need this from her one day.

Take her out.

Now, I am not saying that you and your friend should turn into "party girls" every weekend, but why not at least once? or twice? Who's counting? ;) Trust me, the last place she wants to be is at home alone or hanging out at her Mom's house, trying to avoid Facebook creeping on him. Take her out, force her to walk up to new people, and don't stop her from dancing on table tops! Request her favorite jam and let her, let go.

Out With The Old, In With The New

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Time for you to tag along with your friend for a shopping spree for a new wardrobe! Anything that your friend can replace, she should! Like a new favorite restaurant, new Starbucks drink, and definitely a new hobby! A hobby is a great way to take up more of her time so she has another thing distracting her from thinking about "whatshisname." This could be a great thing for you to take up with her, new memories to replace the old ones, oh ya! She should basically live a new life with brand new things. Hell, tell her to buy a new car. The less around her that remind her of him, the better. That way when she "runs into him", your girl will be representing "moved on to better things."

 Blow her up on Social Media

Nothing makes a girl feel better than a lovely Facebook or Instagram shout out. Make her your WomanCrushWednesday, pointing out all the new and exciting things she is doing and don't forget the beautiful picture of her that would bring whatshisname to his knees.This creates a great boost of confidence and "feel good" that every broken hearted girl needs. So be a good friend, and brag away about her! Who knows, maybe one of your friends is her future husband?! No pressure.

Don't Talk About Him... Ever

I highly encourage you to never talk about "whatshisname." Don't even bring him up if you want to make fun of "Douchefucker." EVER! And When she talk about him, change the subject. Because if she is still trying to get over him, she doesn't think of him as "Twiddledipstick." She still cares about him and only remembers the time he surprised her with flowers a week before Valentine's Day so she wasn't expecting them. You may think you are helping her by pointing out his flaws and referring to him as ridiculous names, but she really only thinking about the great things he did. So please, just don't even talk about him.

I know you like those names though

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