Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hello October | I'm going to be an Aunt Again

Seriously? How is it already October? This. Is. Crazy! I haven't even thought about my Halloween costume for this year! Have you? 

Welcome to my very first post of the month where I update you on what's been going on in my life for the past four weeks! 

So there are a few major things that happened..

1. I'm going to be an Aunt again!

(Yes Syd, I took your picture from Facebook today! You look adorable!)

I could not be more excited to be welcoming another baby! It has been almost 7 years since we had a new addition to the family. If you have me on Facebook, you'll know this pregnancy announcement was a huge shock to us. Why? Well, because it's my baby brother who will just be turning 18 in January that is expecting this baby. Teen Parenting can't be easy but this baby is coming one way or another so we are all supporting and embracing this journey Joey & Sydney are about to go through! We will find out if we are welcoming a boy or a girl very soon! Please pray for strength for them during this journey to parenthood!

Cheers to babies!

My husband lost his wedding ring.. 

We don't know how, we don't know when...
He was at work one morning and realized it wasn't on his finger. 
We looked high and low for it with no luck!

So we ordered a new ring online, and he picked out a completely different ring than what I thought he would have! I didn't take him for rose gold kind of guy but this ring is beautiful! 

Now I'm dying for a rose gold wedding set to match! 

I'm thinking about having a message put inside of it. Hesten and I have this tradition where he tells me a reason why he loves me every night before we go to bed, I'd like to put "I love you because.." inside. I think it is a great reminder of the bond we have.

Shit Friends Are The Worst-Story Time

Is it just me or does everyone have that friend that only contacts them when they need something? I have this "friend" well not so much a friend anymore, that literally only contacts me when she needs a favor. There isn't one message in my inbox where she generally asks how I've been without asking for a favor in the end.

This is so frustrating to me! Especially since we were such good friends before. I mean spent weeks at a time together, spent hours on the phone together kind of friend.

It's really sad how someone could attempt to use someone over and over again. 

I hadn't heard from this "friend" since the last time she messaged me and asked me to send her money because she was stranded and had no gas to get home. That was two years ago, and before that I hadn't heard a word from her in over a year.

So here are the messages that I get on Facebook from this "friend."

 At this point, I still haven't grasped the reality of what she is asking me to do so she just has to come out and ask...

She knew I was at work and had the nerve to ask me to do something illegal at the place that ya know, supports my family. What kind of person does that? Do people really ask favors like "Hey pee in a cup for me" from people that haven't talked to in 2 years? Like what the actual F***! 

& for anyone wondering, we are no longer Facebook Friends. Sorry girl, you'll have to find another friend to bum off of.


What. A. Shit. Friend.

Welcome to our house

On a more positive note, Hesten and I got to spend the past weekend with my niece, nephew, and little sister. I love when they come over!
I bought Boston, my nephew, a wood race car that he can put together and paint. When I showed him he said, "No thanks, I have my computer." LOL
I made them put down their phones and computers to make memories. :)

My sister said they were waiting all day for me to pick them up. :)

Race car in the making! Thanks Maddy for your help.

My niece got a birdhouse to paint! My sister and brother-in-law are building a house so I thought she could paint it and find a tree to put it in when they move into their new house.

Break time, you can never go wrong with pizza.

Paint away!

Movie time! Boston and I watched The Little Rascals. Brooklynn and Maddy ditched us for "Musicly" (whatever that is) and Hesten was busy watching football. 

Back on the phone and computer they go! lol

Thank you, September for reminding me how much I love being an Aunt, and I am even more excited to be an Aunt for the third time again!

Blog Update

September was my second full month of blogging, it is going great! My page is almost at 5,000 views and I enjoy reading all of your comments! Thank you all so much! I have a new idea for my blog that I will be introducing next week so look forward to that! 

Thank you for letting me share my September with you all. I love that one day I'll have my blog to look back on, on all these memories!

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