Monday, September 12, 2016

To The Dad That Came Back Around

Did you know that 1 in 3 children in the U.S. don't have their biological Dad in their lives? My Dad was not there for the first part of mine but he is very active in my life now and for that, I am forever grateful. Anyone who has had an absent father understands just how lucky I am that my Dad came back around. It is never too late and people can change. I know some of my readers will not relate to this but please keep an open mind as not all family structures are fairytale perfect.


I am so happy that I talk to you every day and see you every week now. We both know it hasn't always been this way. Nothing made me happier than coming home from work one day to see you helping my husband fix our lawnmower. My 13-Year-old self would have never imagined that ever happening. When you and Mom parted your ways, I had no idea it would affect our relationship too. You were the first man I ever loved and the one person I thought I could always count on. I remember on one weekend visit, you took me with you to the store. You put in a George Strait CD and we sang at the top of our lungs.You'd play the same song over and over again until I got the lyrics right. I remember thinking "I have the best Dad ever." Then all of a sudden every other weekend visits became once a month, once a Summer, to not even a phone call on my birthday. I still don't know why or how that happened. I always told myself your job kept you on the road a lot and that is why I never saw you. As a kid, I never stopped thinking of you as the best Dad ever so I was full of excuses for why you stopped coming to pick us up for the weekend. Unfortunately, time wasn't going to stand still and wait for you to come around. My life began to change and I had to learn how to grow up without you. I don't have to tell you that you missed out on so much. We never made it to a Father-Daughter Dance, you never scared the boys away with your shotgun, and you weren't the one to teach me how to drive. I wish we could go back in time and place you into my childhood, but we can only accept the past and make up for it.

 Just like the way you left, the way you came back into my daily life is a blur. There wasn't a dramatic scene or a heart to heart that had to happen, it just happened. At first, I thought you would stop calling or visiting again but you have put in so much effort to be a part of my adult life. You weren't totally out of the picture all of those years, you did help Mom financially and I hope by now you have thanked her for playing both Mom and Dad, that wasn't easy for her you know. I've never explained that your absence affected me growing up because I didn't want that to affect our relationship now. It did hurt not having you there. I can't thank you for abandoning your coward ways and coming back around. The fact that I can call you anytime or visit you at your house means the world to me. Just last night my sister Missy and I showed up at your house randomly at 9p.m. You whipped us up some supper and the Dad jokes were on. Haha. I haven't laughed like that in a while. It has been so much fun making up for lost time and getting to know you again. I know we have a lot to look forward to in the future, I love you, Dad!

But seriously, Do the Dad jokes ever stop? ;)

Mom&Dad on their wedding day. 

How many men does it take to fix a push mower?

My oldest sister Missy, Dad, & I.

Dad and my nephew Boston.

Dad and my older sister Whittney on her wedding day!

I love when you guys comment after you read my posts! So answer this;
Has your relationship changed with your Dad or Mom since you were younger?

As always, stay lovely and thank you for reading.