Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why I Never Babysit My Niece and Nephew

Being an Aunt is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I have a 12-year-old niece, Brooklynn, and an 8-year-old nephew, Boston, whom I love to pieces. I never thought kids who weren't mine, would make such an impact on my life. I might be the only 23-year-old who gets so excited when my weekend plans go from relaxing at home to getting a text from my niece that asks "Can we (her and my nephew) spend the night this weekend?" I usually respond with "Absolutely! I'll grab the cookies to bake and the craft supplies and I'll be right over to pick you guys up!" I love that they only live 2 minutes from my house! My brother-in-law works out of town majority of the year so that leaves my sister at home alone with the kids, so I know she won't mind an opportunity to unwind and relax!

We always have a blast when they come over. We do crafts, make pigs in a blanket, bake cookies, and play goldfish. I tease Brooklynn about boys and Boston and I end up falling asleep to the Little Rascals on the T.V. They also really enjoy picking on their Uncle Hesten while they are over too! I wouldn't trade our weekends together for the world! My favorite memories from my childhood come from weekends at my Aunt Shelly's house so I knew I would create the same memories for my nieces and nephews! I know how much it meant to my Mom that my Aunt always went out of her way to be a part of our lives! I know a few Moms and Dads out there would like it if more people made the effort to make their kids a priority in their lives, but I won't go into that. Just know that it takes a village to raise a child and just because you aren't their parent, doesn't mean they don't need you around.

You see, I see people constantly posting on social media "babysitting my niece this weekend!" When I hear the word "babysitter" I think of a 15-year-old girl trying to make extra cash for the weekend, not someone's family member. I'll never babysit my niece and nephew! I'll spend time with them, I'll make memories with them, and they will always have a place in my home! I may not have given birth to them but they are my family, my brats, and a big part of my life. I wrote this post because I have another nephew on the way, and when I got the news I was reminded of how much I love being an Aunt, it is the best! So choose your words wisely Aunts and Uncles, you're not their babysitter, you're their crazy Aunt and goofy Uncle!

I know this is a short post but I hope I got my point across? :D

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N

P.S. Do you like the new blog name? I only post on Mondays and I really couldn't stand my original name "Mrs. Megan Leigh" anymore. I thought I would simplify it! <3

Sunday, October 23, 2016

15 Creative Halloween Costumes

Hello, Lovelies!

 My husband and I have been debating on what we should be for Halloween this year. I knew I wanted to do a Halloween post so I thought since I am already searching for costumes, I should put a list together for you all on the most creative costumes that I find! ENJOY!

Stay away from clowns ;)

Happy Halloween!

1. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Obviously, you can create a presidential campaign costume that represents who you are voting for but this is the funniest one I have came across so far. You can find all the items you need to make this costume at your local department store.

2. Life Alert

3. Paula Dean + Butter

4. icloud!
Perfect for those who want to show off pictures
of their kids or their awesome selfies.

5. 50's housewife is pregnant with the Milk Man's baby

6. Shark Week

7. S'mores

8. Beanie Babies

9. One Night Stand

10. Now that's Flo!

11. Planters' Mr. Peanut

12. Ramen Noodles

13. "Cereal Killer"

14. Microsoft Paperclip
(If she doesn't understand this, she is too young for you bro.)

15. Have you seen her dog?

What are you going to be this year? Can you guess which one we picked? It is on this list!

Simply click on the photos to see where I found these awesome ideas!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Take On The Intimidating Opportunity

There will be a time in your life when an opportunity is put into your hands. You may ask yourself, "Am I ready for this?" You may even find an excuse to not to, "but I have this and this going on! I can't do this right now."

 Why not ask yourself this: "why not?"

An intimidating opportunity has been placed in my hands and when I was asked the question, "So do you think you can handle that?" I wanted to scream, "WHAT HELL ARE YOU THINKING? I AM ONLY 23 YEARS OLD! I CAN'T DO THIS. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS. I AM TRYING TO HAVE A BABY AND I WAS VERY CONTENT WITH MY LIFE AND HERE YOU ARE, THROWING A BIG CURVE BALL MY WAY!" But instead of saying that, I took a deep breath and 2.3 more seconds to think about it and simply came back and said "Yes." Because if you don't try, you'll never know. Life is too short to be stuck in the same place forever.

Think about all of the people who changed the world by taking on very scary and intimidating opportunities.. Rosa Parks, Miep Gies, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King JR, etc., The world would be so different without these brave people who took on very difficult challenges. Will my opportunity change the whole world? Probably not, but it will change my world and we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

You have to stop being so scared of the "what ifs" in life and make things happen the way you want them to happen. Don't compare yourself to others and how they would do it, don't let people with big egos intimidate you, and find your swag and roll with it. Most importantly, ignore those who doubt you, because trust me, someone is doubting you. Show them how wrong they are. Take that leap of faith, keep your fingers crossed, and never look back.

So here I go. Taking on a new role, learning the things I've always been scared of messing up, and growing a bit of a backbone. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hello Thoughts | What it's like for me to live with Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety?

"It's the fear of  interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance."

15 million people in the world deal with social anxiety on a daily basis, I happen to be one of them. If you were to interact with me on any given day, this is something that I would hide very well from you. I'd do my best to go with the flow, but on the inside, I'd be dying to go home. It's not that I don't like you, I just can't be around you. Please, don't take that personally. It's not you, it's me. Don't worry, it won't be like this forever. Once I get to know you, you won't be able to get me to stop talking.

Trust me, I'd love to be the girl that can walk into a room and strike up a conversation with anyone. But I am the girl who walks in behind her friends and lets them do all the talking. I ignore unexpected  phone calls because I'm not mentally prepared for the conversation.

 Before I get ready to go to a social gathering, rather it is dinner with my husband's friends or a birthday party, I overthink everything. "Who is going to be there? Have I met them before? What will they ask me? What if I say something dumb? What if they don't like what I'm wearing? What if they don't like me?" When I am out around people I don't know, my shyness is stronger than ever, my blood boils, and I can feel that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Ugh, it's the worst. I am so shy that most people assume I am a stuck up b****. When in reality, I'm so afraid of what they'll think of what I say or afraid of messing up, I choose to stay silent and remove myself from the situation altogether.

Here is a great example of how social anxiety affects my day to day life. Yesterday my husband sent me to grab Subway for dinner. Instead of going to the Subway 5 minutes from my house, I decided to drive to one that was 20 minutes away that has a drive-thru. Why? So I wouldn't have to go inside and interact with a stranger about what I wanted on my sandwich. Like I said, I overthink everything.

I bet you didn't expect the girl who typically holds the #1 spot at her job, which requires me to, ya know, talk on the phone to strangers all day, to have a socializing problem. The best thing about my job is I get to do what I love without dealing with customers face to face. It's almost like I have two different personalities when I am around people I know vs when I am around people I don't know. I've been at my job for almost 4 years. My co-workers are my family. I'll but into their conversations, make witty jokes, and state my opinion and not care if anyone agrees or not. But when a new person starts, I'm typically the last person to introduce myself.

I'm very lucky that my husband is the complete opposite of me. He does all the talking when we are out. Although he doesn't understand why I am the way I am, he doesn't pressure me or put me in situations he knows I won't be comfortable with. If you know someone who deals with social anxiety, I suggest you do the same. It will only make it worse if you force them to get out of their bubble. They need to step out of their comfort zone every now and then but it has to be on their terms, or else the party won't be fun for either of you. Trust me, they don't like feeling like a huge spotlight is on them every time they are out in public. So don't make it worse by expressing how annoying it is that they have to give themselves a pep talk before walking in anywhere, up to and including the grocery store. So just be patient with them and tell them how awesome they are!

Here are some great memes for anyone dealing with social anxiety!

Could this one be any more perfect, though? 

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