Sunday, October 23, 2016

15 Creative Halloween Costumes

Hello, Lovelies!

 My husband and I have been debating on what we should be for Halloween this year. I knew I wanted to do a Halloween post so I thought since I am already searching for costumes, I should put a list together for you all on the most creative costumes that I find! ENJOY!

Stay away from clowns ;)

Happy Halloween!

1. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Obviously, you can create a presidential campaign costume that represents who you are voting for but this is the funniest one I have came across so far. You can find all the items you need to make this costume at your local department store.

2. Life Alert

3. Paula Dean + Butter

4. icloud!
Perfect for those who want to show off pictures
of their kids or their awesome selfies.

5. 50's housewife is pregnant with the Milk Man's baby

6. Shark Week

7. S'mores

8. Beanie Babies

9. One Night Stand

10. Now that's Flo!

11. Planters' Mr. Peanut

12. Ramen Noodles

13. "Cereal Killer"

14. Microsoft Paperclip
(If she doesn't understand this, she is too young for you bro.)

15. Have you seen her dog?

What are you going to be this year? Can you guess which one we picked? It is on this list!

Simply click on the photos to see where I found these awesome ideas!