Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello November | I Have Nothing For You

I've been blogging for a little over three months now and I haven't had a more difficult time of putting a post together than this one. Hence why it's "Monday Night with Megan" this week. I know I am suppose to update you on my life at the beginning of each month but I really don't have much going on to be honest. Okay, I lie. I have a lot going on, just not the things I want to discuss in finer details. I keep looking for things to write about in my house, on social media, and in my head but I have nothing. I don't want to write a post just because it's Monday and I feel like I have to, I want to write because I am feeling inspired and I have something to share with the world, which is why I started this blog in the first first. So instead of trying to force a blog post on you, I thought I would do the 50 random facts about me tag. Thank you for reading my pity post and I challenge everyone to do this tag as well! You might learn something about yourself.

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I never attended college, never plan to.
2. I met my husband on Facebook.
3. I prefer Apple over Android.
4. I have two fur babies, Chewy and Bear.
5. I have more siblings than actual friends.
6. I've only bought two vehicles my entire life.
7. I work in the Car Business, Internet Sales, going on 4 years.
8. I attended over 10 schools growing up.
9. I have never been to an airport or on an airplane.
10. I have only visited 10 states in the United States.
11. The quote I live by is "everything happens for a reason."
12. My eyes are hazel.
13. I love to swim, if I could live in water I would.
14. I've never lived in a two story house.
15. I asked my husband out on our first day.
16. I have no issues with tattoos, I just don't have one myself.
17. I always fall asleep within 5 minutes of laying my head on my pillow.
18. I don't talk to single person from High School.
19. I love to read, currently reading The Girl on the Train.
20. I am left handed.
21. I love someone I never met , miscarriages suck.
22. My favorite food is Mexican food.
23. I hate repeating myself.
24. I suffer from social anxiety, mainly when I am around people I don't know well.
25. I hate when people call me Meg.
26. I am terrible at making plans.
27. When I was little, I thought once I got older, I could change my name.
28. My husband started a vacation planning business, with a twist, your vacation is a complete surprise.
29. My favorite song is, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.
30. I hate writing with a pencil.
31. I love bubble baths.
32. I hate blow drying my hair, it is such a pain!
33. I paint my own nails, I have only had my nails professionally done twice in my entire life.
34. I hate hate hate math!
35. I love taking pictures of people. (not in a creepy way. lol)
36. My favorite TV show is 7th Heaven, Eric and Annie are relationship goals. <3
37. I am addicted to the app/game, Temple Run.
38. I got married on the beach.
39. I don't have a favorite superhero.
40. I am afraid of heights.
41. I am an Aries.
42. I am very very very shy.
43. I love board games.
44. I work well under pressure.
45. I overthink everything.
46. My favorite blogger is
47. I crave milk by itself almost every night.
48. I sleep with at least 3 blankets at night.
49. I have two cats, Booboo and Pickles.
50. I always make my husband's birthday cakes, I never buy them. Our first family tradition. :)

There you have it, 50 random facts about me. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!

Sorry for not putting as much effort as I usually do in my posts, I just couldn't find the inspiration this week.