Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Make Money At Home, No Sales Required

Happy Monday y'all!

This weeks post is going to be a little different! I see A TONS of people post about itworks, Plexus, Beach body, MaryKay, Younique, LulaRoe, etc. All at work from home opportunities. This post is not to talk negative about these companies in anyway, I'm sure they are great opportunities. I wanted to introduce everyone to a work from home opportunity that not everyone talks about, Zip Nada Zilch.

What do all the above companies have in common? 

They require you to sell products in order to make $$. Which is fine, I sell vehicles for a living so I get it. But how easy can it really be to sell $100 leggings? or $65 Lipstick? What about the hassle of dealing with shipping and make sure your customers products are 100%. What if someone is not happy with their products? I'm sure the people you advertise to, have about 45 other people on their friends list who also sell the same product/services you are!

What is different about ZNZ?

All ZNZ requires is for you to complete offers from their sponsors such as Hula, Wal-Mart, Bark Box, Uber, Starbucks, etc ONE TIME in order to refers other to ZNZ and get paid $100 for every person that you sign up that completes these offers. The offers cost you around $20, depending on which offers you complete, ONE TIME. Again, one time! The start up cost for LulaRoe is $500.... The start up cost for Beach Body is $40 PLUS a $16 coach fee.... for selling their products? No thanks.

Why do I have to complete offers?
That is how ZNZ makes their money. When you sign up for their products and services, the company gets paid, then they pays ZNZ, and once you refer a person to ZNZ that complete 1.00 credit of offers, you'll earn $100!

One time low cost
No products to sell
It's easy
Get paid instantly via PayPal
Easiest way to earn at least $100 a day!

Thanks for reading!!!

If you are interested in getting started with ZNZ, post your email in the comments and I will send you an email or CLICK HERE and follow the three simple steps below!

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of you who follow my blog are interested in earning extra cash, I see you struggling to sell an over talked about product, etc! ZNZ is not my full time job as I found a career I love which is my main focus but ZNZ helps for sure!!

Zip Nada Zilch Steps

Step 1. Click here to set up your account. - When you first click on this link you will need to select the way you will be paid, scroll to the bottom and enter your email!

Step 2. Complete your choice of offers! You will have a red bar at the top, mine appears blue as I completed my offers back in 2012!

A few tips, complete the free or cheaper offers that are worth more credit to keep your cost of starting with ZNZ as low as possible!
It may take a few minutes for your credit to show.

Step 3. Teach a friend these simple steps, and get PAID today! This is not where we part, email me to learn the best way to market and get your referrals in! WOOHOO!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Never Say Never!

I'm bacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :)

I really have no excuses for why I haven't posted in a while, a blog is a lot to keep up with while you've got a lot going on. So I thought I'd give a little update on whats been going on in Megan Land since I last posted!

The biggest change is we moved out of our three bedroom house and into a two bedroom apartment... three years ago, I would have never thought we would ever go back to "apartment life" but here we are and I must say... I LOVE IT. We lucked into finding a luxury apartment at a great price! It's a gated community with a resort style pool, gym, tanning, poker room, inside and outside bar, library, dog park, and movie theater! We've been very spoiled with the amenities, I'm not sure how we will ever leave! Words don't do this new place justice, so here are a few pictures!

There are a few things I hate about living in an apartment, like having to take Bear and Chewy out every time they have to go to the bathroom, not having our own yard but the resort style pool kinda makes up for that... :,)

Okay, it's also been a minute since I've given a baby update. I've been very open about our struggle with trying to conceive since our miscarriage but nothing has changed. We have what is known as "unexplained infertility." Which is a nice way of saying we're both healthy and there is no reason why we haven't had a baby yet besides time. It just isn't our time. I believe this is God's way of reminding us that everything is in his time and a reminder that his plan is much greater than ours. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, a coworker gave me the book "what to expect when you're expecting" and the first few paragraphs were about tips on how to get pregnant and I remember thinking "so glad I don't have to wait or go through that." My first pregnancy was unexpected, and now here I am, playing the waiting game.. The great news is, I have a niece and a nephew on the way that I get to spoil the heck out of and send back home ;) #iamacoolaunt Although in some moments the fear of "I'll only ever be a cool aunt" sets in and I get overwhelmed of the thought that I'll never be someone's mom, really..... well... sucks. But I just keep pushing on and know that whatever is meant to be, will be.

I turned 24 this year... one year away from being halfway to 50. sigh! I honestly don't even know what I did for my birthday? Maybe went out to dinner with Hesten? I just was not excited about this birthday lol obviously! I've made some new friendships this year, still working in the car business, and still taking everything one day at a time! My life has been far from perfect this year, I've had my struggles but I'm still going :) I want to post more on my blog and I promise y'all I will!

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 13, 2017

To The Person I Should Give Up On

Okay, I don't really know how this is going to go. I am feeling about 103 different emotions right now. Here we go.

Dear You,

It must be really hard for you to have someone who is constantly there for you. It must be really hard to have someone who is always making excuses for you. No. Matter. What. It must be really hard to have someone who cares about you more than they care about themselves. You walk around with an ego way higher than it should be, hurting anyone in your path and destroying everything good. Meanwhile, you don't even bother to look back at the person running behind you, who is trying to save you from doing just that. We all make mistakes, but you would think after making the first mistake once, you wouldn't do it again? Boy, I was wrong. Why didn't you just listen? I ask myself this every single day. The sad thing is, the situation isn't just about you anymore. But you continue to make it only about you and your feelings. Selfish. I tell myself to give up, but how can I give up on you? I wish you would stop walking on everyone who tries to help you and stop making rash decisions based on your temporary feelings. Man, I sound like a broken record. I don't want to tell you, I told you so, again. I want you to open your eyes and change the direction of your life, but you won't, will you? I'll never give up on you. I'll never stop trying to talk to you, or as you call it, bitching at you.

To the people in your life who are trying to drag you down their destructive lifestyle with them, you are temporary, family is forever.

The Person Who Will Never Give Up On You

Monday, February 13, 2017

I Ruined My Own Proposal | Storytime

Okkkkkkay, Hi! I know I have been MIA but instead of making up a zillion excuses of why I haven't been updating my blog, I thought I would bring you a story time post of how Hesten proposed as our anniversary is coming up on Friday! It's pretty funny and cute though. Enjoy lovelies. <3

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and some time in our relationship. Hesten and I needed to be apart to know that we were in fact meant to be together and wanted to be... forever.
A couple months after Hesten and I got back together, one of his close friends invited us to go to a baseball game with his girlfriend at the time. It was a lot of fun, we went back to their house and Hesten had a few too many so I had to drive. We went back to his apartment so he could get a few more things because he was in the process of moving back in with me. While he was inside, I was sitting in the driver's seat and happened to look down and see a very beautiful red ring box in the door.


What do I do? Pretend I didn't see it? No.. I opened the box and screamed, I was so happy. I ran inside and told Hesten I found it and I loved it and that I couldn't wait to say yes! I told him to go through with his original plan and I promised to act surprised. He didn't really say much as I'm sure he was trying to figure out what he was going to do. haha.


Because he is honest to God my best friend and there is NOTHING I don't tell him, and I knew I could never keep this from him.

We get back to our apartment, and I hop in the shower. The shower is where I do most of my thinking so of course I was dreaming of this big beautiful proposal and imagining how our wedding day would be. My oldest sister, Missy, had actually been assisting him with the proposal planning. I hop out of the shower and I had a text from my sister and it said something like "OMG. HURRY UP AND OPEN YOUR DOOR!" so I thought that meant she came over unexpectedly. So I dry off, wrap a towel around me, and fling the door open to run and get dressed.

There he was. On one knee. He smiled and say "I love you very much. Will you marry me?"

He proposed me that night, in our apartment, with me fresh out of the shower in a towel.

It could not have been more perfect because it represented our relationship so much... not going as planned but always going as it was meant to.


 He was going to propose in front of my whole family when my Grandma came to visit from California. He knows how much my family means to me.

I love love love this ring, Simple and elegant.

A few days ago, he surprised me with this beauty, my new wedding set.

Happy TWO YEARS Hesten! I love you! <3