About Me

About Megan Leigh

Where my blog name came from....
"Mondays with Megan"

I only post on Mondays and my name is Megan..
Pretty simple ;)

Why start a blog?

I have always wanted to start a blog, I just never actually did it. I feel like all I do lately is work, clean, sleep, repeat and I wanted to pick up a hobby. So why not make it something I have been wanting to do since I was 14? My plan right now is to post weekly, 4 posts a month.

I grew up all over the North corner of Arkansas... Woo Pig Sooie!

My family started out in the streets of Eureka Springs watching every parade and spending every 4th of July in a lawn chair watching my uncles shoot off fireworks.. 

Making out with a dog, no big deal...

My parents wedding day

My Parents divorced when I was in first grade, my Dad is a truck driver so my Mom basically raised us herself while working full-time and putting herself through Nursing School! We moved around a lot, my Mom loves new adventures. 

What is that saying? 
"We may not have it all, but together we have it all."

That is when we started to move around a lot, Berryville to Harrison to Valley Springs and back to Harrison... to Green Forest....

My Mom eventually remarried and they ended up building a house in Bergman, Ar...
To give you an idea of where I grew up, here is a google maps image I found online...

AKA - In the middle of nowhere!!!! ;)
But at least I lived right next door to my best friend.

I spent my high school days, sneaking out of the house, going to the lake with my friends, dealing with the latest drama, shopping, prom, and convincing my parents to let me out of the house 2 weeks in advanced....
Shout out to the kids with the real strict parents! :)

I cried when my Mom told us we were moving to Bergman.... and I cried when we left...

All good things must come to an end......

 My Mom packed us up and left Bergman behind, including her husband. 
Once she graduated Nursing School, she devoted all of her time to her work and he couldn't deal with it... or was it because he started to drink heavily? Who knows. 

Onto Springdale, AR!!

I tried to maintain my friendships from back home, they even came and visited me.
I still refer to them as my best friends when I tell anyone about my crazy High School days....

My older sister & I became closer than ever... 

(Don't judge us, it use to be cool to write on your pictures. Also, the date is way-way-way wrong on the pictures.) 

We were in a bigger town and didn't know anyone at all. So we spent most of our time together.

 When I turned 18 and my sister was 21, we moved in with our Aunt to Berryville to kick start our life as adults... with a little help from  her.
 My Mom was busy raising my 3 younger siblings so she didn't mind the extra help from my Aunt.. #bonusmom

Moving around seemed so bad back then, but now I look back and I wouldn't change anything about my childhood. 

I eventually met my now husband, Hesten. He would drive an hour every night to come see me after working all day at a car dealership. I was in love for sure. 

We ended up getting a duplex in Fayetteville together, it. was. so. ghetto. 
But it was our first place together. Our bedroom was actually a mattress on the living room floor for the first week until we got our furniture. 

I landed an awesome job in Business Development with Landers Mclarty, now Mclarty Daniel!

Shout out to my Mclarty Daniel family!

Back to Hesten & I.....We had a pretty on and off again relationship, we even broke up for a good 3 months and I for sure thought we were over.... and I went a little crazy... 

But who wouldn't? I was recently single and just turned 21!

but like always, we found our way back to each other...

And thennnnnnnnnnnn.........................................

We adopted my amazing Shih Tzus, Bear and Chewie!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

&&&&&&&&&&& thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

My sister was helping him plan the perfect proposal but I found the ring in his truck before he had the chance to do it.... so he ended up proposing to me in our bathroom :) 

We eloped on Indian Rocks Beach in FL. <3 

We moved into our new house in Lowell, 5 minutes from my oldest sister and my Mom.

We got pregnant at the end of 2015...<3

We miscarried at 10wks.... </3

Sometimes heartbreaks are a part of our lives and Baby Ogden #1 will always be in my heart.

&&& that leaves us to today.....
We are kinda in that stage where our careers are stable, we are starting a business, we are TTC, and we are traveling as much as we can.... so I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Hope to see you around!!!

Random pictures!
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