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About Megan

Christian Women Life Coach

Hey, I'm so grateful that you are here, and I am so looking forward to getting to know you and come alongside your life journey.

A successful coaching relationship always stems out of a safe place so let me introduce myself:

My name is Megan Hicks, and I am a 35-year-old, single, Canadian gal who lives intentionally for the Lord. I’ve definitely been labelled a coffee snob in my day and my love for Iced Coffee runs deep… living above a coffee shop and having a mom who owns said coffee shop doesn’t hurt either. I love finding joy in the simple things because it helps make life that much more enjoyable. I cherish my friendships and am told I love hard and deep. Quality relationships mean the world to me and living a life of authenticity is what I always strive for. 

I’ve been able to travel quite a bit over the years- my preferred mode of vacation is always a good road trip. I’ve been able to spend a year as an Au Pair in my mid-twenties to an amazing family in New Jersey, and spent several years out east in Nova Scotia getting my Masters. I find myself having an overwhelming therapeutic love of the ocean and the magnitude of God’s creation.

God has taught me so much over the years about the importance of taking care of myself, and what self-care can look like. Being single the majority of my life has given me a unique and special perspective on friendships that I’d love to encourage other women in, and many seasons of this life I have had to venture into on my own which has taught me tenacity and courage to do things afraid.

I’ve always felt a calling to reach out to and help other Christian women- women who have every day struggles just like me. As Christian women we live in a unique age with very real issues. My hope and joy is to come along side you as a coach and partner with you to get the most you can out of your days.

My heart is to be your Christian Life Coach, and to help you reach the goals you want for yourself and to get most out of this beautiful life God has given you.

My niche is Women's Lifestyle but I especially love working with women to live more authentically in the areas of:

- Self Care

- Relationships

- Solitary Seasons

My Vision Statement:

To help Christian women live their lives as authentically as possible knowing themselves, skills, passions, and purpose.

My Purpose Statement:

As a follower of Christ, I want to be ever working on myself to strengthen my skills, expand my knowledge, and grow my character to be an effective change agent for God.

My Mission Statement:

To help others know themselves, know who God created them to be, and to equip them to live out their lives in these ways.

My Credentials

Heritage College and Seminary: Bachelor of Religious Education- Lay Counselling       

Acadia University: Master of Arts in Theology- Pastoral Care and Counselling          


Professional Christian Coaching Institute:

- Essentials of Life Coaching Certificate

- Ethical Practice and Risk Management in Life Coaching Certificate

- Coaching Skills Development 

- Coaching Skills Mastery