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And Then There Were 6...

Hey everyone,

Today's blog is going to be a short one as I am still in recovery from my procedure yesterday and honestly, I’m feeling very tired. But I wanted to keep the promise I made to myself that I would write very Monday… so here we go.

First of all, I just want to say a big thank you for all the love and prayers as I have walked through this stage of my BRCA2 cancer gene/fertility journey.

As you know yesterday I had the procedure to have my eggs removed in order to be frozen, as my Oncology Drs want to remove my ovaries, and so now this stage is complete.

The next stage in the fertility journey will be after I’ve had my ovaries removed. I will be having my ovaries removed sometime during the ages of 40-45. If I haven’t had children or felt that my family wasn’t complete then I would finish the IVF cycle of unfreezing my eggs, creating embryos and then implantation.

In terms of children, I have the next five-ten years to try and have children naturally.

For my cancer gene, I will continue to have an MRI and a mammogram every year, and in five –ten years I will have my ovaries removed. My Drs have also recommended having a double mastectomy but that is not something I'm considering anytime soon.

So all in all, I now have 6 eggs freezing away until I feel ready to finish the IVF cycle.

When I was talking with my fertility Dr, Dr Jackson, she had said she felt I would get anywhere from 6-10 eggs through IVF and so I’m thankful that we did indeed get 6.

She said explained that women with the BRCA2 cancer gene tend to have a lower amount of follicles that respond to IVF for some reason. So in the end I ended up having 9 follicles respond, and of those 9 follicles 7 produced eggs- 2 follicles contained no eggs and 7 held eggs, and of those 7, 6 reached maturity.

Statistics state that generally of the eggs retrieved in IVF only 60-80% of the eggs are mature. So statistically speaking I had 87% of my eggs mature. I’m only saying it in this way because I just want to highlight the miracle of all this.

I truly feel that God has been working behind the scenes and that this was a miracle from Him that I responded as well as I did and now I have this chance to have children in ways that I may not have been able to otherwise.

Thanks for spending a bit of your Monday hearing how this stage of the journey came to an end.


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