• Megan Hicks

Facts Over Feelings

Have you ever felt under a persistent spiritual attack- like you are under a constant cloud of anxiety, fear and this hovering feeling of self-destruction?

Everything you said and did felt wrong.

Everything you said and did felt offensive.

Everything you said and did made you feel inconsiderate and superficial.

Have you felt like your emotions and feelings were saying that you were being less than superb human being?

As much as you prayed, pleaded and pressed into God, nothing was changing.

Then the thoughts of others come- all the thoughts and fears that everyone was upset and mad at you- and no matter what you did, you could not get above it.

Have you ever been here?

I have been, and what if I were to say that what you were feeling was not actually a reflection of what you were doing?

What if you were actually being loving, considerate, compassionate, understanding and kind, but everything inside you was screaming YOU ARE FAILING?!!!

I remember as I was praying for the release of this overwhelming burden of intense emotions, thoughts and fears I felt God speak to me… “Look at the evidence.”

What did that mean- look at the evidence?

Well, what is actually happening? What are the REAL facts?

For those you think are upset with you, have they said or done something to imply they are upset with you? No…

Look at your actions, what have you been doing… are you actually being malicious, cold and harmful? No…

Could it be that what is going on is a spiritual attack?

The evidence is telling you: you are ok, you are doing the right things; But everything in your mind is telling you the opposite. Lean into the facts.

God spoke to me in the midst of this chaos and reminded me that my feelings can be fickle. They do not always have merit, and they are not meant to lead us in our actions.

Our feelings are indicators, not dictators.

This was a life lesson for me in two ways-

1) God was showing me this spiritual attack was simply that, a spiritual attack

2) When things in our life are not looking promising and things we have been praying for have not manifested yet, look at the evidence… look at how God has been working in your life and remind yourself the evidence says God is working.

Our feelings play great games against us.

They make us feel weak, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, depressed and they lie to us.

If we followed our feelings at every turn our lives would be in utter chaos.

So next time if you are feeling overwhelmed or attacked or you feel God has not been helping you out or things are not coming together- look at the evidence.

What are the facts saying?

If the facts are saying someone is upset with you, or maybe what you said or did was not that great, then you know you need to make amends.

But, if the facts are saying everything is kosher, then depend on the facts that things are ok and keep praying for the release of this spiritual attack.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

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