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Goals: Bringing Purpose Back to a Chaotic Year

This week on Mondays with Megan I wanted to have a more teachable conversation.

Last week I was talking about listening to your inner peace. What is your ‘inner knower’ (as my best friend calls it) saying to you?

Are you feeling content and comfortable in the decisions you are making? Do you even know what you are working towards?

This week I wanted to talk about life goals. Do you have a goal? If not, why not?

I feel like (and I’ve definitely said this a time or two before) that 2020 has really given us an opportunity to bring perspective. It has given me a time to sit down and think about what matters most and what I want to achieve and work towards in my life.

What are my priorities, what to do I want to accomplish? What brings me joy, and how do I attain it?

Goals help me to not feel so aimless in life- it helps give meaning.

So, I thought I’d share a little lesson on Goals today.

Goals give us clarity in life as it provides us with a choice to be pursued; they can help you feel like you have healthy control/power in your life; they bring motivation as you visualize a better future; they give a mandate with a clear picture of priorities; and lastly, they bring action into your life as clear goals develop effective action steps.

There is an acronym used for setting healthy and realistic goals. It’s called SMART goals.

SMART Goals:

Specific: know exactly what you are aiming for

Measurable: a goal that you will know when you’ve reached it (what evidence shows your progress?)

Attainable: outcome is possible, and you are in control of it being reached

Relevant: goals that are important to you

Time specific: deadlines make accountability

Goals can be short term (goals set to be accomplished in the near future) or

long term (goals set to be accomplished over a longer period of time).

Goals can be set in some of these areas:

- Strengths/Weaknesses

- Growing gifts/skill set

- Self-care

- Self-love

- Finances

- Career

- Relationships

- Health

- Travel

It’s also important to be aware of Obstacles on your way to achieving your goals.

Sometimes obstacles force us to slow down; so, it’s important to recognize and work through the obstacle before we move on.

The secret to obstacles is to cooperate with them by working through them.

Potential Obstacles can be:


- Work Place

- Home

- Distracting Life Events

- Too Many Demands

- No Clear Boundaries

- Setbacks

- Opinions of Others

- Lack of Support

- Energy Drainers


- Mind Set

- Self Talk

- Self-Defeating Behaviours

- Disappointments

- Habits

- Fear

- No Commitment

- Resistance to Change

- Impatience

- Boredom

- Changed Goals

- No Place for God

Are there goals you have already decided on but find you aren’t making any head way? Have you checked to see what obstacles are in your way? If you have, make plan to work through them.

I feel like one of the ways to get through 2020 is to have a goal. When you are in a season of aimlessness or when life feels like it’s taken away many of your outlets or activities you are used to doing- set a goal.

Setting a goal will help give some healthy control back to your life. Just follow the SMART acronym and come up with a logical plan to carry it out. Start with a small goal, something simple that will give you the confidence to keep going. Little victories are always a great place to start.

Once again, thank you for sharing a little of your Monday with me, and I hope that you walk away from today’s teachable moment intrigued or inspired to come up with a goal, or work through an obstacle to an already set goal.


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