• Megan Hicks

How do you Celebrate?

“There is a time for everything… a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,” Ecclesiastes 3:1a, 4

Last week in my Essentials of Life Coaching class one of my professors Kim Avery, who is amazing and if you’re looking for some coachable advice she’s the woman to Google, asked us to come prepared next week with a plan of celebration.

We are officially done this course this week and it’s the first required course towards your Life Coaching certification. At first I never really thought about celebrating because it's only the first class of many, but as I was thinking about it, it led me to wonder, how do we celebrate?

My life has been pretty intense lately, as you know from my blog and stories I’ve shared, so I am definitely here to celebrate.

For some it may be a day to the spa, ordering your favourite meal, going a movie, a trip to somewhere fun, a mani/pedi, shopping… clearly a lot of these ideas are more attainable in a non Covid world but some can still be done.

As money and Covid safe events limit things, I was thinking- what is something I can do that will make me happy and something I enjoy? I see celebrating as doing something you love and enjoy, and as an introvert I don’t need big- I like quality and non-overwhelming things.

So today I decided to rearrange my apartment. I love this type of change. I get to be creative; I reinvigorate my space which can help me emotionally as I feel spaces have energy attached to them, and I love to redecorate and enjoy the space I’m in.

So I am celebrating by creating new spaces in my apartment and working some of my creative juices.

It was a great reminder from my professor that we should take time to celebrate- especially in today’s culture when there is a lot of negativity coming from many avenues in life. So let's celebrate. Celebrate your health, your friendships, your family… celebrate the fact that you choose to get up everyday and take on this crazy world.

When was the last time you celebrated?

God tells us to celebrate, and that we should take time for ourselves because it's so important for our mental health and self care… and as one of my favourite spiritual advisors, Joyce Meyer, says… “Eat the cookie and buy the shoes.”

Thanks for spending some of your Monday with me and don’t forget to celebrate you.


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