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How's Your Self Care?

I had a rough start this morning and was feeling like I could not write today's blog.

Earlier last week when I was planning this week's focus the thought of stress and stress management came to mind- how have we been dealing with stress during this pandemic?

We're 9 months into a pandemic and deep in the midst of a second wave (at least here in the Ottawa area) it seems like we’re all hitting our Covid fatigue wall.

I’m done. I’m exhausted. I’m feeling it in ways that are deep seeded and becoming unhealthy habits.

Have you notice that today is National Fast Food day? Oh how emotional eating and fast food became a fast friend of mine at the beginning of this pandemic. I was talking with my bestfriend the other day and I take notes of my weight to make sure I’m healthy and staying within a good parameter, and I’m very goal oriented so I like to see progress- and I noticed that from January to July I gained 19 pounds… Hello Corona 20- not 15, but (almost) 20! I definitely stopped weighing myself lol.

In dealing with stress one of our best defenses for battling it is our self-care. I’ve always been a strong advocate for self care- but never having been in a pandemic before I didn’t know how to tackle that- hence all my unhealthy coping skills that emerged- emotional eating, overeating, eating unhealthy, stopping exercising, and kind of just stopping everything.

As chaos entered the world through this pandemic so did chaos enter my routine.

19 lbs is a lot to gain in 7 months and I was feeling it. So I started slowly getting back to things that made me feel better… I started running again, I went outside, and I got some fresh air. I stopped watching the news as frequently as I was… it was too overwhelming. I also started eating better (still not 100% but getting better).

We all have different personalities, which means we will lean in to different types of self-care. Things that will help me may not work for you, and that’s ok. I think it’s important to see what works best for yourself and to go from there.

This morning I was feeling terrible- this past week (and on vacation no less) I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and feeling like what I can only explain as vertigo, and I had no desire to write anything. I honestly felt like I’ve got nothing to say- my brain hurts, I’m so tired, and can I even put a sentence together?

So my first thought was, 'ok, how do I get out of this funk? What can I do for myself to feel better?'

So a couple things I did was:

- I ate a healthy breakfast,

- I put on a YouTube video about a TV show I love and watched some of the cast interview each other,

- I exercised for about 45 minutes,

- I did some self love by giving myself a hair conditioning treatment,

- I tidied up my apartment,

- I put on a Christmas show,

- and I baked some cookies.

All things that make me feel good.

So when I sat down to work on my blog… everything came together. I needed to take care of myself to get myself to a place of function.

I needed some self care to manage with feeling unwell and the stress of writing this blog today. I’ll keep it real, there are weeks when I have a clear picture of what I want to write and how to write it and then others I’m at a complete loss.

So when you find yourself feeling unwell or stressed, what do you do to help yourself feel better?

What’s your self care?

How are you helping yourself deal with your covid fatigue and stress?

Below I’ve compiled a list of things you can do for great self care. Maybe choose one or two things to start taking better care of yourself and go from there… who knows what you may enjoy or what can actually help you feel more like you.

Some Self Care Ideas (Not an Exhaustive List):

- Spend time with your pet/ get a pet

- Deep breathing

- Listen to soothing music

- Physical contact (with someone in your bubble)

- Practice mindfulness

- Learn to avoid procrastination

- Learn to say no

- Laugh

- Spend time with friends or family (with those outside your bubble you can use Zoom, Skype or Facetime)

- Chew gum (it can help you relax)

- Journal

- Reduce your caffeine intake (caffeine can increase anxiety)

- Light a candle (smells can be soothing)

- Consider supplements/vitamins (are you getting your proper nutrient intake?)

- Exercise (lowers stress hormones)

- Tidy your environment

- Sleep (are you getting your proper sleep?)

- Eat well

- Find something funny to watch on tv- something light hearted

- Focus on today, not tomorrow

- Turn off the news

- Maintain a routine

- Emotional intelligence (understanding and accepting your emotions)

- Find the good in things

- Connect with your support system on harder days

- Go to a spa (if you can social distance- I recommend Nordik, they did a great job following all the rules for social distancing when I went in October)

- Get some fresh air

- Try a new skill set or hobby

- Try a new recipe- bake something

- Read a good book

- Cut out negativity in your life

- Turn off social media for 24 hours

- Are you drinking enough water?

and many more...

I hope you've been inspired to try some new Self Care ideas and take some time caring for yourself so that you can help yourself through these stressful and exhausting times,

As always, thanks for spending part of your Monday with me,


These are some great visuals from Canva I came across:

Resources: Health Science Center in Toronto

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