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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hey y’all, I’m back!

It’s been almost two years to the day that I stopped blogging and sharing my thoughts and views with you all. For those of you who don’t know me I had two different blogs that debuted about 4 years ago- my first blog was under Restorative Grace Ministries ( This was during a time I was experiencing and undertaking a lot of grief, heartache and post-traumatic stress. This was a healing blog for me… I used my faith and understanding of God to help process and heal through some very difficult emotions and outcomes of some very strenuous years.

After Restorative Grace I started blogging under Megan Hicks Writing ( and that blog honestly was short lived as I simply ran out of words. I was done. I was way past compassion fatigue and in burn out. I needed to take a step away- and at the time unsure if I’d start writing again.

In the past two years there’s been a lot of change. A lot of change both professionally and personally. My Facebook memories just reminded me that I have been at Community Living for 4 years now. This is my longest run working there- for those of you who don’t know this is my 3rd stint at Community Living. Usually at this point things have gotten stagnant or I have felt a calling to pursue further education or take on a really cool life opportunity.

Professionally, I have had the opportunity to take on some leadership positions and strengthen the skill set I’ve been blessed with. I have taken on the role of Vice President for our union and became certified in Health and Safety. With these roles I’ve been able to grow and have had many learning opportunities through courses and conferences- also, a lot of challenging experiences that come with being in leadership that only strengthened me in the end.

Personally, life has been tough.

I think especially 2020. It’s been terrible. Covid 19 has really walloped us all. For those who followed my Restorative Grace blog or know me personally, know that just a little under 5 years ago my mom was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer simultaneously; and after her battle through radiation and chemotherapy she conquered it.

Unfortunately, in April we were told that mom's cancer has returned and this time in the form of incurable bone cancer. It's been devastating.

As a result of moms Breast Cancer, I had been placed on a watch list with the Breast Cancer Clinic in Ottawa. As mom’s cancer has returned my Oncology Dr wanted me to get tested to see if I possibly carried a gene that increases my chance of having cancer. So fast forward to end of July and after all my testing I have officially been diagnosed with the BRCA-2 cancer gene.

2020 has been a hard year.

What does this mean? Well it means lots of precautionary tests and eventual surgeries to remove parts of my body that want to destroy me. But those surgeries are not today, and not decisions I will be making just yet.

These are experiences I never thought I would have had to partake in this young and in this season of my life. So, if you all are wondering just how old this gal is- I’m 35. Single White Female.

I always envisioned myself as married and a mom of many children and never thought I would reach 35 and still be single. For some reason I have become the queen of the first date- I cannot tell you how many first dates I’ve gone on (that’s not a bad thing, right?). This is the first time my dating life has really taken off (Is this something you really want to take off?).

I’ve met some really great guys this year but unfortunately none that I felt were to be my husband. I've always been the girl who has been ok to be single as I'm very independent and I only ever went on dates with guys I thought held husband potential. I have never dated for the fun of it- it's not my personality.

However, I presently am on a dating hiatus as my heart needed a little break after a relationship that I was in around my birthday that kind of fell a part in a messy way.

Also, the introvert in me feels like it’s put itself out there enough for one year. I’ll keep you posted if there are any changes.

But to be honest having turned 35 and being single could have really hit me in a devastating way- but I see my diagnosis as being a light in a dark place. You see as we ladies get older our chances of having children can subside and before being diagnosed I had seriously thought about the possibility of freezing my eggs- but because my Oncology Dr wants to remove my ovaries (one of those surgeries they’re pushing for) I can have eggs removed and frozen free of charge. To me that feels like a blessing. I’m choosing to see this as silver lining. I don’t have to feel the stress of having children at an older age- I feel like God has given me an option despite all the dark and grim.

Ok, are you still with me? So how have we ended up here? After I took a year off to help mom while she was in treatment I started up a coaching practice, same name as my first blog- Restorative Grace Ministries. With this practice I was able to hold a workshop and had a few speaking engagements- then I closed everything down.

Why did I close shop so suddenly? At that time, I was overwhelmed. There was too much on my plate and emotionally I wasn’t ready.

Post-Traumatic Stress plays with your brain like a concussion. I started forgetting things, forgetting words, developed a stutter… it was not good. I took a step back to heal and regroup. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ever return to the idea of coaching or even write again. But I feel that God had a plan all along that would bring me full circle.

So here I am… last week I registered with the Professional Christian Coaching Institute to make things official. I can coach with my Master’s degree- but I always want to be above board and with that want to do things the correct way, so I am going to become licensed. It will take about of year of courses so in the meantime I present to you…

Mondays with Megan.

What is Mondays with Megan?

Mondays with Megan is my new blog. It’s a combination of my life (the more personal things) and a Lifestyle Blog (personal interests). On Mondays I will share with you either something that is personally going on in my life or something I have stumbled upon that I want to share, and always with a little advice.

As a Life Coach in the making I love when people can live their best life- when people are growing and living in their potential. My heart is to help people reach that potential and before I can legally give that advice I felt that I would share my musings and heart in this format.

So with that update on all things personally and professionally, I’m excited to start this new journey with you all and I hope that you will join me on Mondays.

Talk with you soon,


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