• Megan Hicks

Setting The Tone

How do you set the tone for your day? Is it something that revolves around a planned structure or do you just go with the flow?

At the end of the day, do you look back and feel that you have accomplished a lot and that you lived to its full potential, or are you happy simply with spending time the way you wanted and as it came?

As I mentioned a few blogs back I need something to do or have something transpiring in order to feel productive. It helps my mental health. I’m designed to be productive; and yes, I am also designed for rest and self care too. But I’m a highly motivated person and I like having a list of things to do and accomplish.

It’s been just over 4 weeks now that I have quit my job and have been on this journey of health and healing. I have found that I am indeed feeling a lot more rested and can say my symptoms of vertigo haven’t been felt in weeks, though not all days are ended feeling fully rested.

Last night I had a terrible nights sleep, and I’ve discovered in the last little while when I’ve had a bad nights sleep it was on a night that I would have worked. Last night was a night in my old rotation where I would have been up all night, so it shows me that though I am feeling much better than I was 4 weeks ago, there’s still progress to be made.

One of the things I have done over the past few weeks that has helped set the tone for a productive day has been exercising. I have developed and maintained a work out schedule that sets my days up right. I find when I start my day off with this routine I eat better, I drink more water and I feel all round more focused.

Tomorrow I start the process of egg retrieval, and in gaining understanding of what this process will entail I have been informed that I will no longer be allowed to exercise in the ways that I enjoy, nothing high impact. This creates a new dilemma.

Exercise has been the big thing that has helped me find a rhythm and some structure in my day to day- also, it’s helping me achieve some of the health goals I have set for myself. But now with this procedure I am not allowed to exercise for 6 weeks. So I definitely feel nervous and a bit apprehensive. I have been informed that I can do low impact walking but it is winter and I don’t enjoy walking in the cold; as for example, this morning was a blistery -22c. This is not something I could do first thing in the morning; it would have to be later in the day when the day is at its warmest.

So now I’m trying to find something new that I can do each morning that will help set my day up for success. I’m not quite sure what that will be yet, but I’m open to suggestions. What are some of your morning rituals?

I initially felt major discouragement when the nurses told me this but knowing in advance and being able to come up with solutions beforehand definitely helps.

As I’ve been sitting here thinking, I’m wondering if it comes down to the little things? Maybe it’s starting with something simple, like when I first wake up I make the bed, make a healthy breakfast and check in on the news. I know it’s not always something that has to be this big ‘to do’- maybe I just need to start with the simple things and that can help set the tone of my day to be fulfilling and productive. I’m definitely going to be spending time researching and going through some of literature on the subject, though I’m also unsure of how I’ll be feeling when I start the estrogen patches tomorrow. I’m hoping not too emotional. Maybe then I won't even want to exercise, haha. We’ll see. I’ll fill you all in on that next week.

Thanks again for spending some of your Monday with me as I ramble and process all that’s happening around me, and honestly, I'd love to know how you start your morning.


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