• Megan Hicks

Soul Vacation

This past week I was challenged to post a picture every day of a trip or vacation I went on over the span of ten days.

I’ve honestly been enjoying reliving all the fun trips I’ve been on and all the memories shared with amazing people who partook on the trips with me. It's led me to examine all the places I’ve visited and the context of some of the trips I’ve been on.

As I’ve been thinking about what specific 10 trips I'd like to focus on led me to think of the importance and purpose behind the trips.

I’ve been on a lot of trips in my day, which I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to do. In my early 20's a lot of my trips were with friends to places I'd never visited before but as I reached my late twenties my trips became closer to home and even became solo trips.

As I reached my late twenties most of my friends were married and some had children so those who use to be my travel companions were unable to and if I wanted to go on a trip I'd have to be ok with going by myself or not going at all.

I didn’t want to stop going on trips that meant a lot to me just because I was single so I started going on trips that became Soul Vacations for me. On these trips I would take the opportunity to do self-reflection, adventure around the town/city I was staying in and focus on my faith and relationship with God. They were so good for my soul.

Over the years I have gone to Vermont a few times, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Cape Breton, the South Shore of Nova Scotia and a few places throughout Ontario. I wanted to get out of my day to day, as environment can hold habits over me, and let my new environment reignite new passions, areas I wanted to work on in my life, and grow my confidence. I’ve really loved and enjoyed my soul vacations.

Covid has really put a damper on vacationing, especially as Canadians where we have such rigid travel expectations on us when we return. We can travel, but the cost of quarantining is a lot to partake in to go on a trip- not to mention the risk of getting sick.

Just as Covid was hitting, my mom and I had a weeklong trip planned to Manhattan that had to be cancelled and I was also in the midst of planning a girls spa weekend to Vermont with some friends that we couldn’t finish planning.

I’m hoping that soon we will be able to get out and travel the world again.

It's always important to take some rest in our lives- even if it's just taking time off work and having a staycation. We should always put our health first and allow ourselves enjoyment and rest. So in whatever capacity, whether with others or solo, we can definitely find ways to rest and relax and pour into ourselves the things we need for self care.

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