• Megan Hicks


There is something beautiful about seasons changing. It brings forth a sense of change, newness.

For some it can bring renewed hope or steadfastness. For colder climates Spring brings hope of warmer times.

The sun returning for longer hours give us an energy to emerge and do more. As I personally struggle with seasonal affective disorder I tend to hibernate come winter- but as the days appear longer and warmer we come out of our hibernation and enjoy the splendors of the outdoors.

I have one more week of recovering from my IVF procedure and then I am able to start exercising again and with that the longing to exercise outside in the fresh air.

I look forward to feelings of new, a sense of starting over.

What are some of the ways you embrace changing of seasons? Do you look at it as a time to start anew? Does it inspire change?

These are just a few things I have been pondering this week as we moved our clocks forward and now move into Spring.

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