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Staying Motivated When God Changes the Process

God has done a lot of big changes in my life over the last year and a half, as He has been reshaping/remolding my life to keep it on the path He has laid out for me.

I know in life it is so easy for us to plan our lives, and I am a type A personality, so I always had my life planned and detailed down to a ‘t’; but nothing has really happened in the ways that I had planned, or thought would be best for me.

The life God had set out before me is a complete 180 of what I thought it would be. Which means there were a lot of times of uncertainty and blindly following God's leading. During those uncertain times, I would panic a lot- like a lot when things were not going my way.

I have ugly cried into my pillow more times than I would like to admit. But at the end of the day, even when my deepest longings and dreams were not coming true- I knew that God had me, and that He was taking care of every last detail.

As September is drawing to its end and I take a look back over the past 9 months, the trajectory I thought this year would bring had changed and shifted many times.

I thought by this time I would deep in the throes of a thriving Life Coaching business that I would be running, loving and enjoying every second of the busyness it would bring; But then God slowed my heart in this and whispered… wait, slow down.

Let me be real for a moment here and tell you that I am a ‘go getter’. I like to run full tilt into things; normally because I have thought through every detail and morsel that would go into this plan and so if I decided to go through with it, it was because I knew I could. But as God does best, He has changed the process of the vision and the way it would play out.

I still do not see all the pieces or know how it will all fit together… but I am learning to trust and have faith in the speed God wants my vision to play out.

Which leads me to ask… have you been here before?

Have you planned out your vision and every detail of the plan, only to have things change midpoint or even possibly right at the beginning, and have things go completely off track only to end up having the process be exactly what you needed?

How did you stay motivated?

What kept you going?

What held your focus?

These are questions I am asking myself as God has changed my process towards the vision of coaching.

How does one keep themselves on task when God changes the process?

Here are a few answers that are worth leaning into:

1. Remember your Why- why did you want to achieve this goal in the first place?

2. Keep Trusting God- remember that God is trustworthy, Psalm 25:2

3. Remember that God will meet all your needs- even the birds of the air have their needs met, Philippians 4:19

4. Write out your end goal and post it somewhere you will see it every day- a great visual reminder

5. Reach out to your peers/friends for encouragement- having others cheer you on may help motivate you when feeling discouraged

6. Write out a list of all the positives that will come from when the goal is achieved- motivation may stem out of all the positive changes that will arise from the goal

7. Remove negative distractions- negative distractions may be deterrents from helping you achieve your goal

8. Know that there will be bad days and good days- choose to focus on the good during the bad days to lift your spirits

9. Get an accountability partner- having someone check in on your goal may help keep you going

10. Post your progress publicly- sometimes posting for all to see helps with accountability

11. Reward your progress- celebrating little wins is a great motivator

12. Look how far you’ve come- awareness of how far you come is a great place to start feeling motivated

Next time when you are feeling depleted or unmotivated, choose one of the above items from the list to help motivate you towards your goal.

What has kept you motivated? If you have helpful items to help one keep motivated, I would love to hear them.

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