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Am I spending my time wisely, and how can I make the most of this season of having an abundance of time?

This is a set of questions I’ve been feeling convicted over the past few weeks.

As I was driving home from mom and dads this morning I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyer and the topic was on feelings and moods. One of the questions she asked was, “is your life balanced?” Times when we feel life is 'a lot', or things seem out of control is usually when we have an imbalance in our life. Are we spending too much of our time in one thing and not focusing on the other areas of our lives?

How are we spending our time?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of being a hoarder of alone time. As an introvert and enneagram 5 one of my biggest core fears is that I won't have enough energy for the events in my life.

If I feel like I’ve been giving a lot of time to one thing and not giving myself enough recharge time, I end up overcompensating and don’t want to connect with anyone for potentially days because I’m so fearful of not having energy. I may hoard a lot of alone time as I feel I need a deep well of energy to meet my physical, emotional and energy needs.

I’ll be straight about this- it’s not healthy. If I’m out of balance in this area I have extreme over compensations. So I’m trying to be intentional about learning balance in this area.

It is getting better as I have walked away from shift work. One of the biggest things I needed and wasn’t getting was sleep. As I have given my body more of what it needs it has helped me not feel so depleted all the time, or feel the need to hoard alone time.

In discovering and being intentional in all of this, God is reminding me the importance of time and spending it wisely.

Am I spending time doing things that promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

Am I investing in things that play on my emotions negatively, and are simply a waste of time?

Am I allowing myself to grow or am I wasting opportunities to bring something beautiful to this world?

We are not guaranteed a specific amount of time on this earth, so how are we spending the days we are given? Are you merely surviving or are you thriving?

Do you have any goals you are working towards?

Do you have hobbies that bring refreshment and joy into your life?

How are you spending your time?

These past few weeks God has really hit home for me to make better use of my time and during lockdown I have been given the gift of time. So I am trying to live a life that is valuing the time given.

Here are a few things that I have been trying to work on:

- Having a bedtime. I go to bed at the same time and I am finding my body really needs that. Going to bed at the same time has allowed my body to naturally wake up at the same time every morning. I haven’t used an alarm clock in awhile and throughout the day I feel so much more rested, productive and joyful.

- I made an exercise schedule and stick to it. This has not only helped my overall health and my moods but in lockdown it has helped me feel like I’m keeping a schedule and feeling productive in such an aimless season. It’s also given me reason to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

- I am being intentional about writing and reading more. I try to set aside time in the day to open a book, or practice my writing skills instead of turning on my TV. This one is a bit of a struggle so I have to be really intentional about this.

- I’ve joined online communities of hobbies/skills I enjoy. I joined a writers program to help strengthen my writing and two classmates of mine, who also joined, created a weekly group to meet and discuss what we are learning and to encourage each other in our writing.

When I am accomplishing or working towards things in multiple areas of my life is when I feel most balance in my life. This helps me enjoy my time more, especially when I know I am using the time God has given me for purpose.

To pull positively out of a dark situation, I can see this lockdown being a great time to take a personal inventory of how we are spending our time. What do you want to keep investing into and what maybe doesn’t deserve the value of your time?

What do you need to spend your time on to feel balanced?

How are you spending your time?

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