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What's on Your List?

I love to read- it’s deeply ingrained in my personality.

I’ve spent many hours slipping away in the words written on a page. Sometimes I’m reading to get lost in another time (honestly admitting to having read the Outlander series in its entirety- I might as well confess to Twilight too), or reading someone else’s life story, or simply learning about personalities and ways to grow myself to be and do better.

I’ve spent many years in educational studies where I find myself not getting as much leisure reading in due to all the textbooks that I need to work through for assignments. Those seasons I find myself reading more memoirs in my spare time as they feel effortless and easy to read.

I always have a list of books I want to read and at times I can find myself reading up to three books at a time. Sometimes I’m reading a memoir, a self-help book and something a little bit more deeper/challenging. Other times I’m reading one book at a time.

So far this year my list has been compiled of mostly memoirs and personality theory books as 2020 has been a very difficult year for most of us.

I’ve read through Jessica Simpson’s Open Book, Hilarie Burton Morgan’s The Rural Diaries, Paula Faris’ Called Out and Patricia Heaton’s Your Second Act. The counselor in me loves reading about behaviour and the whys behind choices made. Paula Faris and Patricia Heaton’s books really motivated me to get back to the things I was made for and to start walking out my skill set and strengths in life. I love when a book becomes a great encouragement and motivator.

I’ve read through many personality theory books this year as well- all pertaining to the Enneagram. I stumbled upon this theory and wanted to soak it all in (very 5 of me ;) ). The two books that stood out most for me in acquiring understanding of this theory were The Road Back to You by Cron and Stabile and What’s Your Enneatype? by Carver and Green.

The self-help books I’m reading are Do it Afraid by my all time favourite author Joyce Meyer, The Shelter of God's Promises and The Heartache No one Sees by Sheila Walsh, and This Too Shall Last by K.J. Ramsay. Do you see a theme here? I tend to read many books on one topic or in a specific area I’m struggling in or want to grow in. This year has been a lot of heartbreak and discovery of sad news. For me it’s felt like it’s been one thing after another- hence the book This Too Shall Last, as I’m trying to learn how to deal with prolonged sad seasons of life.

I also started reading Has Christianity Failed You? by the late Apologetics author/debater Ravi Zacharias. Ravi always had a way of making things make sense. Ravi was a highly intelligent man who loved the Lord and would debate with the greatest about the evidence and proof of the Bible and the life Jesus led. I like to read something on this level every now and then to challenge myself but to also reignite my faith. There’s something about apologetics that gives me hope.

The last category that I’ve been sinking my mind into this year is travel. I love to travel. Right now I’m only allowed to travel within my country- but not even all of it. The East Coast has bubbled themselves away from the rest of the country- and rightly so. I get it. It makes me sad though because that’s my vacation destination each year and I deeply love the ocean and being in its presence. (Disclaimer- Canadians can travel to many countries but most countries enact a strict 2 week quarantine first and then you will also have to do another 2 week quarantine in Canada when you get back home… so 6 weeks for vacation if you want to be where you are going for 2 weeks).

Back in May mom and I had planned to spend a week in New York City to celebrate her 60th birthday- we’re not sure if we’ll get to do that trip with moms health and with not knowing where the world will be next year due to the coronavirus- but I’m still hoping mom and I will get to go to NY and have that memory to share. But in the meantime I’ve been really getting into British TV shows- how did it take me this long to find all these gems? So now I really want to visit Great Britain… Wales, Scotland, England… all of it! So I’ve been reading some travel guides for that nation.

Which leads me to ask you...

What books are you reading?

Do you only read a certain genre?

What makes you decide which book you’ll read next?

Do you have any books that you recommend I read?

Books on my read next list are (so far):

Lysa TerKeurst: Forgiving What you Can’t Forget

Nicole Unice- Brave Enough

Jennie Allen- Restless

John Townsend- Leading From Your Gut

John Townsend- People Fuel

James Corden- May I Have Your Attention Please

Thanks for taking time to see what I’ve been diving into this past year, book wise.

Happy Monday,


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