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What's Your Number?

In the spring as most of the word started to hunker down due to pandemic life, hobbies and activities around the home flourished. I found myself getting back into my love of reading. Prior to pandemic life I was finding myself too tired or just had no time to sit down and enjoy a good book.

One of the books I devoured in one sitting, and in a setting I never expected to be in- I was sitting at the Honda dealership in Kanata in their heated garage in a social distancing circle of 4 customers. My car needed some work so I had to attend to it but I was not used to sitting in a garage at the beginning of April for hours at a Honda dealership where you weren’t allowed to go anywhere else in the building. So book in hand I sat and read.

The book I was reading was called ‘The Road Back to You,’ by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. I had seen this personality theory floating all over my Instagram and the Counselor/Coach in me was intrigued. So I picked up this highly reviewed book on the subject and read.

I love personality tests. Anytime I see one I’m signed up. Let me take the test and discover new things about myself as you see I love to learn. That’s the 5 in me ;) Well what does that mean? It means that I identify with the 5th personality profile in the Enneagram.

Let me break down for you what I learned about this personality theory…

What is the Enneagram?

It is a personality theory stemming from a 9-pointed diagram (the 9 personalities) and how they interconnect (integrate and disintegrate) with each other.

Simply stating, the Enneagram helps explain the why behind why we do the things we do and feel. It is primarily used as a tool for personal growth as it helps one to recognize when you are being your best self and when you’re not and ways to improve and move towards being your healthiest self. I’ve learned that the Enneagram is not an excuse for unhealthy behaviour but a way to help acknowledge the behaviour that needs help in changing.

How Many Personalities are there?

1- The Improver/Reformer/Perfectionist/The Machine

2- The Helper/Giver/Befriender/The Parent

3- The Achiever/Performer/Motivator/ The Winner

4- The Individualistic/Romantic/Artist/ The Tortured Artist

5- The Investigator/Observer/Theorist/ The Detective

6- The Loyalist/Skeptic/Guardian/ The Oracle

7- The Enthusiast/Optimist/Epicurean/ The Party

8- The Challenger/Protector/Advocate/The Dragon

9- The Peacemaker/Mediator/Reconciler/Wallflower

Further breakdown of these personalities…

The 9 personalities are also broken into three groups that show how these personalities process and intake information:

1, 8, 9- are motivated and intake information by Intuition (The Body)

2, 3, 4 - are motivated and intake information by Emotion (The Heart)

5, 6, 7- are motivated and intake information by Analyzing (The Head)

The 9 personalities can also find themselves broken in to three groups according to their stances (How they approach people and time):

1, 2, 6 are dependent and find themselves orienting towards others as their sense of self comes from outside- they are community minded.

4, 5, 9 withdraw as they orient towards their insides as their sense of self comes from within.

3, 7, 8 can be aggressive as they orient outwards towards others. They tend to have a strong sense of self and are assertive.

You can’t forget Enneagrams Wing stance. What’s A Wing?

A wing is the personality number to your left or right (i.e. If you are a 6 personality, your wing could be 5 or 7). Not everyone has a super pronounced wing, but almost everyone has one they lean into from time to time. Your wing gives nuance to the decisions that you make and the ways in which other people perceive you, and it directs how you navigate the wants and needs in your life.

The Enneagram for me has opened my eyes to certain attributes in my personality that I didn’t quite understand initially. I find the Enneagram to be pretty close to who I am as a person. I want to also state that not every personality theory is 100% perfect and there are things in the number I most identify with that aren’t true for me; but as life, take everything with a grain of salt.

In the end I’ve discovered that I’m a 5 wing 6. The 6 attributes to the more outgoing personality traits to my introverted 5 self.

Interested to see what your number is?

Here is an online link to take a test….

Enneagram Sources:

Some great Instagrams to follow:

Books I used and have read on the topic:

Carver, Liz & Josh Green, ‘What’s your Enneatype?’

Cron, Ian Morgan and Suzanne Stabile ‘The Road Back to You’

Paasch, Hannah, ‘Millenneagram’

Palmer, Helen ‘The Enneagram in Love and Work’

Rohr, Richard ‘The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective’

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